Youth in Mountains

Purpose: Involvement of young people in mountain activities.

Problem: Mountain activities are increasingly rare and of low interest to the population.

The countries involved in this partnership have identified common problems among young people in the community such as:

  • Lack of clear information at the local level
  • Reduced number of mountain activities
  • Promoting a sedentary, motionless life

Thus, in order to contribute to solving these problems, we must solve the needs of young people, such as:

  • The need to belong to a group, so as to stimulate each other
  • The need for friends passionate about mountain activities from which they can obtain relevant information
  • The need for an informal group with which to participate in mountain activities.

We are promoting non-formal and informal learning mobility and active participation among young people including youth with fewer opportunities as social adjustment difficulties such as limited social competencies, anti-social or high-risk behaviours, Economic disadvantage like a low standard of living, low income, learners who need to work to support themselves, dependence on the social welfare system, in long-term unemployment, precarious situations or poverty, being homeless, in debt or with financial problems or Living in remote or rural areas in less serviced areas (limited public transport, poor facilities) or less developed areas.

With the realization of this project, ie with the implementation of the activities, and especially with the easy trekking tours, the camps, survival in nature as well as the various promotions and lectures in the future will gather as many interesting young people and from them will emerge new young staff in the organization. They will be trained first and then they will train others with mountaineering knowledge and skills that will slowly create a habit for them to use their free time in nature, especially on the mountains, because mountaineering and mountaineering is a form of active rest and recreation through which it builds and forms a healthy and strong spirit and thus it will become a noble member of our community.

As young people are very active on social media and in population of their own age they will be ambassadors of project related ideas. We expect to involve much more of the aimed generation after the project is finished.

The community will be positively impacted by the energy of the youths that will promote their experience of the project. Being a small community we almost know each-others. When our youths participate in a cultural programme or a youth exchange they love to share the experience with the community by storytelling them what they did, by doing practical workshops exemplifying the learnings of the activity. We believe after this project the community will be more prepared to explore the mountains and in this way to increase the mountain activities in our area.

The Location

Muncelul de Sus is a village in Iasi County, Moldova, Romania

Muncel means Mountain or small hill, which is a lower step of a mountain chain or massif, with a folder structure, made of rocks.

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