Turkey is located in partly Asia and Europe. Thanks to that, Turkey has become a meeting point of cultures. For example Balkanic, Anatolian, Caucasian, Persian, Arabic; West and East cultures. All of them have influenced the cuisine, dances, songs of this country. Also turkish language is effected by this cultural diversity. Turkish has almost 6000 Arabic words and 5500 French words. Turkish people are famous with their hospitality. They don’t hesitate to help people. Turkish people drink a lot of tea, especially in the mornings. Döner, kebap, lahmacun and baklava are most famous dishes of Turkish cuisine. They have a lot of meat and vegetable dishes too. Turkish team of this project gave some information about their country and their culture. They have talked about some touristic places and the cuisine. They showed us their traditional dances like Damat Halayı and Erik Dalı. At the end everybody has tried desserts and ayran.


After an exhausting trip to the mountains we needed one chill day. We started as always from energies. After that we worked with our teams at the team concepts. Because of Eddy we spent our time together during free time playing football and chilling.It was so important because we were tired that’s why some of us went to sleep. After 3pm we summarised what we have done in all of those days. We gave each other some suggestions and hints about their work and corrected some missing pieces. We stayed together in the main room to watch a film. The title of it was 14 peaks. The movie was so inspiring and can be a good lesson on how to survive in some critical situation in our lives. To make our dreams come true and never lose hope even if you think it’s no longer possible . In the evening the Turkish team prepared a presentation about their country. We played games, tried some snacks and danced.


It was the first day we had rain, it wasn’t something for a long time, but it felt a little colder in the morning. But by lunchtime things were back to normal with a beautiful sun in the sky that made the morning rain go away. In the evening, the weather did not change at all and it was a beautiful and cool autumn evening!