After all the activities we got closer to each other. We deepen our bonds. Some of the friendships will stay with us forever and after the project we will be in touch. In the evening the polish team did such an interesting presentation. They discovered a bit of polish country, traditions and customs. They started with video which showed us some awesome landscapes and nature. The main information about population, meaning of the flag and city were they live. Polish team explained us their traditional dresses, songs and dances. One of the dance was Krakowiak shown on the video. Traditional dishes are also the part of Poland so they told us a bit of their cuisine for example pierogi, bigos, rosół, schabowy, kluski śląskie and ptasie mleczko. Our Erasmus is about mountains so poliysh team talked about the main of them Karpaty and Sudety. their music and popular bands were so interesting. In Wroclam city there are a lot of rock events for bands created by teenagers . After presentation we learned how to dance Belgijka, the most popular dance in Poland for every occasion. We all had so much fun and loved it. We finished the evening with some polish snacks. 


On the 3rd day of the Erasmus + project, it was a special day from the point of view of the activities, because this time the day was based on a single activity of orientation, adventure and development, both personal and working in a team. The activity took place in the forest with one team for each country. In the first phase, the team received 6 coordinates each with a separate mission, such as: making the name ERASMUS+ with materials found in the forest. Building a tower, a game of bowling or certain pictures of objects or fruits. And finally, the last mission for each team was to build a shelter with branches, leaves, string, a hammock and any other material that can be found in the forest to simulate the survival of a certain number of people in the forest. This mini survival action of the participants led to the development of teamwork, the knowledge of certain materials and, last but not least, the main reason for the activity, the increase of the survival rate in the forest. Each team had different ideas with different places. The team of Romania and Macedonia approached a large pit covered with leaves and branches. The Turkish team approached the creation of a house with the help of caps. The team from Poland built a hut from branches with leaves in the shape of a V. And the last team represented by those from Cyprus built a small cabin also in V Dar with a system against wild animals and water.

At the end of the day, everyone left the forest much more trained and learned for survival in the forest.


We went for a walk in the forest today. Today the weather was hot and sunny as usual. At the walk, we had some missions. We have accomplished our missions with natural materials. While we were doing the missions we had a chance to see mushrooms and a lot of elderberry trees. After that, we learned to make a shelter with branches to survive a night in the forest without a tent.