The Erasmus+ project, Youths in Mountains has brought together the pontential of multiple countries to interact and its people to learn the cultures they may have only heard in movies about.

From Turkey whose known for their delicious food and their amazing coffee, to the mesmerizing sightseeing of Cyprus and Poland, the home to the biggest castle in the world Malbork Castle, as well as Macedonia known for captivating dances, delicious cousine and the oldest lake in Europe, lake Ohrid and finally the country where the project takes place, Romania known for their castles and beautiful places to visit.

On the first day of the project, all the participants started to get to know each other, to communicate more.

Everyone has made contact with new unknown languages ​​more or less, more different or more similar. The language of the participants from Cyprus is quite similar to Greek and Turkish. I could observe this detail in the music they listened to where there were no problems in getting together the two groups from the respective countries (Cyprus and Turkey).

The Polish language sounds a little more complicated and looks the same, nonetheless how complicated it seems, you can find common ground with the Romanian vocabulary.

I think the International evenings will come in great aid.

Though an interesting fact that I’ve learned in my first day of this project is about the grading in Poland’s education system in which they grade their students work from one to six, one being the worst and six being the best which this may sound a bit intriguing if you’re used to the Romanian grading in which their students have marks from one to ten.


The first day of Erasmus we started by introducing and integration between all of the countries. We had some games which helped us to know each other better and also remember our names. Eddy put all of his energy to make us feel comfortable on the workshops. We made up our own rules that we want to respect. All of us put a signature to show that we agree with them. After that we made a posters with our expectations, concerns and features we can give to the project. During the workshops we talked about every kinds of competences that they will expect from us after receiving the YouthPass certificate. At the end of the day we played card games with some interesting questions about ourselves. We really enjoyed the day.


We have started our journey from Iasi. While we were coming to our social facility, we passed on the roads through the forrest and also we are staying in a place that is surrounded by nature. It was a hot and sunny day in the first day of our project. But in the evening the weather became colder. At the night, people couldn’t stay without hoodies at the garden. We are living in an environment that mixed with animals too. Dogs and cats make people’s day enjoyable. But you should be careful about bugs, because there are a lot of them in this season.