As the project will come end, the bonds between everyone have been already made and now as people have to say their farewell, they will cherish the connections made in this camp and continue to share all the memories about each country that they had the pleasure to get to know throughout the international evenings and the people they’ve met and warmed up to.

From each workshop and activity to each breakfast, lunch and dinner everyone has  shared, no matter what country they’re from,belief about what’s right and what’s wrong, people grew closer day by day sharing their similarities and learning about their differences.

I think it’s in our nature as humans to connect with people, but what makes it so beautiful is the fact that this time the people that they got to connect with each other were from tens,hundreds or maybe even thousands of kilometers apart.

I hope that everyone has made long lasting memories so that they can look back and crack a smile as they reminisce about all the fun and pleasant times they’ve got their hands on with the help of this Erasmus+ project.


Today was sunny too but it was windy. İt was a nice day to rest on the hammocks. Today we went through the forest to pick up the trash. We got approximately 60 trash bags. We divided them into plastic, glass and metal. We thought we should protect the gift which has been given to us.


We started today by cleaning the environment and collecting trash in the forest. We were divided into groups to collect all of them faster. Thanks to  teamwork, we managed to collect all the waste from the area. After working hard, Eddy gave us more free time to rest. After lunch, there was a ping-pong competition. The fight was fierce and no one gave up. Then there was an individual final evolution in google form. We ended the day with an ending ceremony and gave each of us a youth pass.