On the fourth day we visited Piatra NeamÈ›, a city with beautiful landmarks and architecture, even though we went on a hike in a one of mountains from Piatra NeamÈ› that doesn’t mean people couldn’t learn about each other’s cultures, even if the hike a bit physically demanding, that didn’t stop the people to find more about the persons they are working in this project. For example I’ve learned a lot about Polish music in which they are really good in multiple genres,but i think they “rock it” when it comes to rock music, they have awesome bands such as “Lady Pank” and “Dzem” which they really make you appreciate not only the polish culture but the rock genre as well. Meanwhile the Cyprus people also prefer music in Turkish not only in Greek. Great music with a lot of good energy which brings people together no matter what their culture,habits and preferences.

I also had many conversations with people from different cultures and nationalities, for example we exchanged words and sentences with Charalampos from Cyprus, after we returned by gondola which was a big relief. Later that day the Turkish told us unusual card games like bluff in which you have to use lies to win and a hand game that they do in Turkey and laughed about the similar words we use in our languages.


4th day was different. After breakfast we took a bus to Piatra Neamt. We went hiking and wanted to climb on the peak of the mountain. After an hour and a half we finally made up. The view was amazing. There were some restaurants and small shops where we could buy souvenirs. After that we had a walk to the forest. It took us almost an hour and a half. On the way back we took cable cars. We could see beautiful landscapes of the city from inside of the cables. Before we came back some of us went shopping. In the evening we could played board games.


Today was hotter than we expected. We’ve seen very nice houses surrounded by woods on the road. It was sunny but in the forest, it was a little bit windy so we relaxed after the exhausting beginning of the hike. Cows, dope mice and grasshoppers were different animals that we saw. There were too many trees in the woods and they were standing there like a wall. We were amazed by the landscape when we reached the top. After that we went down by teleferic and saw the view of the city. In the evening, unexpected rain showed up and cooled the weather.