The popular culture of North Macedonia is a fascinating blend of local tradition and imported influence. Folk music and folk dancing are still popular, and rock and pop music are very iconic. Icon painting and wood carving both have long histories in North Macedonia. Motion picture making in North Macedonia dates to the early 20th-century efforts of brothers Milton and Janaki Manaki. A fascinating country to explore that is still very much off the beaten path, Macedonia is blessed with incredible natural beauty and a mix of cultures that draws on both Balkan and Mediterranean influences. Ruled at various times by the Romans, Ottomans, Serbs, and Soviets, there are a wealth of historic sites dotted around the country.

Among the best places to visit in Macedonia are old monasteries and hilltop fortresses. Mosques, Orthodox churches, and amazing archaeological ruins are also prevalent, and many of its cities have delightful Old Bazaars at their heart which date back to Ottoman times.


On our second day we started by energises and after that we had a challenge to cross the spider rope. We could use only one hole for three times so we had to work together and be patient. Eddy told us to find some runs to protect us from evil in the forest. Our next task was to make a  human labyrinth. It was a really great experience for all of us. After lunch we had a really interesting presentation with a special guest. He talked about the mountain and how to prepare to survive in the winter during hiking. He explained to us how important it is to do it with a passion.

After the last workshop we created a team work. For example social media, video, photos, webside, blog and interviews. Every day we have time to work at it. Today was the first day of the national evenings and Macedonia started it with a lot of energy. They made a  presentation about their country, they showed us national dance and food.


Today sun gave us a beautiful and warm day. We used this. We did almost every activity at the outside. While we were playing games, we got to know environment better. We learned the forest is wider than we thought. We saw a lot of different plants like pine, chestnut, poplar, willow, oak trees and a beautful white horse that belongs to this facility.